Welcome to Chocolo | Taste Jo Lalchaye

About The Company

Theocom Food Products Pvt Ltd was established in 2015. It boasts of more than 16 years of experience in the field of Manufacturing of Industrial & Retail Confectionery Products. Our mission is to continually improve all our business processes and productivity to achieve a level of excellence that is superior to others in the industry. Our business is to deliver the highest level of satisfaction to our consumers and to all those concerned.

Our brand “CHOCOLO” is catering to the need of thousands of consumers across India since 2015. Excellent product quality and ‘A’ grade raw material have initiated great consumer demand. We have in store various products under this brand.

Try our product at least once and we are sure you will be a part of our brand family for life time. Our products are in great demand by consumers in big cities as well as in villages of India. The “CHOCOLO” name symbolizes quality, quantity, satisfaction & great taste. This is rightly reflected in our message “TASTE JO LALCHAYE”.

We are building up a strong nationwide distribution network which keeps us connected with our top clients and vendors. This network will enable us to do smooth business transaction throughout Indian sub-continent.

The company has production capacity of more than 250 Mt/month and of delivery to leading ice-cream manufacturers.


Our motto is to serve excellent quality and achieve highest consumer satisfaction with our wide range of Confectionary Products for retail as well as industrial usage.


Our ultimate goal is to enhance our customer’s business with the help of our products, quality service & commitment and we always work hard towards achieving the best for our customer.

Quality Policy

Theocom is committed to the best service and highest quality in order to achieve our vision and mission. We are continuously improving our processes, products & services for meeting & exceeding customer satisfaction at all time.

We have qualified technicians & Lab facilities in house to ensure product quality & raw material resources.

We ensure sufficient resources are made available within the Organisation to achieve this. We ensure through communication, engagement, practical example and training that Quality is the ultimate aim of all members of the Organisation.