Theocom Food Products Pvt. Ltd. boasts decades of expertise in manufacturing chocolates for the B2B sector. With a wide range of chocolate products that fulfil the needs of chocolate manufacturing businesses and bakers, we help spread the love and goodness of chocolate in the world in multiple forms.

If you’re a business looking for high-quality chocolate raw materials, you can trust Theocom Food Products to exceed your expectations. Our innovative solutions have helped hundreds of companies fulfil their chocolate needs and bring out new products to the market.

We offer the best to our partner businesses and our employees, channel partners, clients, customers, suppliers and more. Every individual or company associated with Theocom grows and flourishes with us.

We have a production capacity of over 250 MT/month with all the latest advanced machinery and new technologies. Led by expert management and a dedicated team, our products are ready to add richness and sweetness to your business.


Manoj Vijaykumar Kalyane


Earned the degree of B. Tech. Food Engineer in 2001 and is in business ever since.

Ravishankar Vijaykumar Kalyane


Qualified Graduate in Science and Diploma in Sales and Marketing and is in business since 2008.


Our motto is to serve excellent quality and achieve highest consumer satisfaction with our wide range of confectionary, chocolate, waffle cone products.